Thing #23

In a word – the class was mind-expanding!  I enjoyed it very much and appreciate the opportunity.  It was well set-up and organized and caused me to stretch myself to learn about all of the “things” that I had heard about, but did not really know about.  Yes, yes, I would take another class like 23 Things!  My favorites from the class are GoogleDocs,, photostory, and wikis.  I plan to repurpose my blog to make it my school library blog.    Thanks to the captains for the time and effort to set up the class and then monitor it.

Thing #22 – Nings

I visited both of the library nings and think I would use Texas School Librarians.  The videos are useful and it is probably a better format than TLC listserve since you can visit the ning and browse around rather than getting 25 email messages.  Like so many of the other things that we have explored, I am unsure if I would actually use a ning very often.  I just don’t spend that much time at my computer other than checking out books and checking my email.  But like all of the other things, once I know of something, I begin to hear of ways to use it that make sense and seem actually useful rather than just fun.  For instance, my son mentioned that at the big music/film/web festival in Austin, South by Southwest, they set up a ning for participants and guests so that everyone could contribute and “see” what others were experiencing and learning.

Thing #21 – Podcasts

I enjoyed learning about Photostory. I had heard of it at school but had not taken the time to pursue it. It was very easy to use and I think it would be a great program to teach kids. I created a short piece of the new bluebonnets that I can use to introduce them. I even used the music creator that is part of Photostory so that I could check it out to see if it would be good for students. Overall, a good program.
I will use my 07-08 Bluebonnet photostory to introduce the books. I think it would be fun to show the video and then ask the students to write down the books that “caught their eye” and that they think they would like to read. It would be a good chance to talk about choosing a book for its cover then needing to investigate further before checking it out (reading the blurb, etc.).

Thing #20 – YouTube and TeacherTube

Check out this video of “Dewey or Do We Not’?

I am most excited about being able to embed this video into my post rather than all of the great videos that I found.  The directions on TeacherTube for embedding videos into WordPress nearly scared me off.  It involved adding files to the root directory and I’m not sure I can even get to that directory.  So I tried converting the file using Zamzar but that didn’t work.  YouTube to the rescue.  Very simple.

Thing #19 – Web 2.0 Awards

This was fun.  There are several sites that I would like to go back and explore when I have some more time.  I have already spent more time than I intended.  Isn’t that always it goes when learning about the internet?  I explored Twitter, iFood, Color Blend and several others.  The one that I explored in depth is SpanishPod.  I chose this site because we are trying to learn Spanish at our house and our son will be taking Spanish II next year so we have been keeping in practice this summer.  This would be a useful site for him, especially Resources (alphabet, vocabulary, verbs, etc.)  The daily lessons are well done and may be good to use later. The pronunciation audio portion of each part is valuable.  I also explored this site because I frequently have students who want to learn to speak Spanish and I thought this might be a good site for them.

Thing #18 – Online Productivity

I took the tour of Google Docs and watched the video.  Makes me glad that there are smart people working on this stuff all of the time to come up with better ways to do things.  I think back to my master’s classes and wish that Google Docs had been around then for all of those group presentations.  And I just realized that our job of revising our librarian’s manual will be much easier from now on.  So many uses – writing a book with another author, creating novel units, editing campus inprovement plans…..         Like he says in the video, “Google Docs rock!”

Thing #17 – Rollyo

Pretty cool tool.  I have set up a Rollyo search and added it to my Links.  I think its usefulness might become more apparent to me as I get into the school year.  Maybe good for things like e-field trips and webquests and copyright, etc.  Right now, the most specific use I can think of is to show my son how to put all of his paintball sites into a Rollyo.  Oh, and my husband might use it for his financial and news sites.  Oh, and my oldest son might be able to use it for his list of add-ins for buidling websites.  And here’s another one – my sister-in-law might want to use it for all of the health sites that she enjoys.  Oh, and …….    (you get the picture – I just have to give myself enough time to get the wheels turning when I learn about something new like this.)